My Heart Journey

It’s hard to put such an amazing little life into such few words.  Mackenzie Faith Ladner was born June 4,2010 alongside her brother Marcus Tucker Ladner.  Shortly after their arrival it was discovered that Mackenzie had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and would be flown up to UAB for her first of a series of heart surgeries.   In a place that seemed a million miles from home, we met the people who would become her team of extraordinary doctors, nurses… friends.  The Norwood proved to be the hardest fight for Mackenzie.  With an open chest for three weeks, dialysis, infections, chylothorax, immune disorder uncertainties and some that lost hope.  We never lost our Faith because God told us we couldn’t and on July 30, 2010- we brought her home.
Mackenzie would have to spend some more time at UAB for a Gtube in August.  Then in October we came back for the Glenn and a patch, she had a rough go of it but pulled through like our little princess always does!  We made it home just in time for Thanksgiving and we were able to spend Christmas at home!!  But, January rolled around and we had to come to our second home at UAB due to Chylothorax.  We were there for a few weeks, and thought that the issue was resolved, but we were only home 4 days.. Kenzie REALLY likes UAB!  We came back up for a chest tube and stayed for a month.  Again, standing on Faith and having the support of Dr. Dabal- we gave her time.  We came home mid February and she is doing well.  Growing and playing with her brother!  We still have one surgery to go but we’ll be standing on Faith and looking to the future for many wonderful years of smiles and giggles!  Thank you Dr. Dabal, Dr. Alten, Dr. Hayes and the staff of the CICU for your many blessings!!!  We love you!
                                                                                                                              Isaiah 41:20